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Hello, just joined this forum today. If you are still looking for the drivers for any of sun's graphics accelerators for sparc systems, they are here Let me know if you have any questions.

"Microsoft is not the answer, Microsoft is the question...The answer is no!" :lol:
I found the xvr-1200 drivers somewhere else a couple of days ago. I'm just getting acquainted with my SB-2000 which has a xvr-1000 but I have a xvr-1200 coming in the mail. Maybe next weekend I will be able to try and install the drivers. I'm pretty sure the site I downloaded the driver from said it was for Solaris 8 & 9 with no mention of Solaris 10. Will the driver work or should I just try the ones for Open Solaris?

I have a sb2000 with two xvr1200 graphics cards and I have one that I am about to install in another sb2000. The first one I installed with was a pain, but I got them to have use of all 4 of my 24" sun monitors. I am going to try and get this card configured on solaris 10 with the other, and if I do, I will give you a step by step.

Microsoft is not the answer, Microsoft is the question, The answer is no :lol: