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I'm getting my son into programming on his Indy Yes - I got my 10 year old son an Indy - I like to start them out young :lol: . I put 5.3 on it so I could put the IDO, and I just happen to have Fortran as well, so he has C and Fortran, and of course Perl. I also put Basic and Logo on it because he has been playing with basic on one of my Older Commodores.

So, now he has languages to learn, I think vi is a bit much for him just yet. I pulled Pine out of my PTF ( remember the old Prime Time Freeware collections ?? ) and compiled Pico. Also, as a requirement to get Logo installed, emacs was added too. I'm leaning toward Xemacs or maybe Pico.

But what does everyone else think?

Just for the record, I only use vi. Infact, I get frustrated when I'm in Word or Pages and start typing vi command sequences resulting in nothing more than a string of characters going across the screen.


- Derrik
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shadowless wrote:

Not mine.

I just happen to live in Fredericksburg VA.

I've emailed him to claim it if no one else has. I need the VGX graphics set for my Crimson.

- Derrik
:Crimson: :Indy: Sun Ultra 80 Mac Book