The collected works of cesare

I can give you idle figures for my machine here. It's a T2000 with 4 core/1Ghz T1, 16Gb, 4 * 146Gb drives

On 240V supplies, it takes 115W per power supply when running with both, and 205W when running with just one.

Actually, when I say it's a 4 core/ 1Ghz, it's actually an 8 core 1.2Ghz but only 4 cores show up, which suggests to me that the machine uses firmware to enable/disable CPU features? (cores, clock rate etc). I'm also not sure if that was common when these machines were released, whether they 'unlocked' capabilities like this. Anyone know?
I've had a fair dig about and not found anything obvious. From SC I can see the hardware, and it also sees the 16 threads (so 4 cores), which at least means i've not messed up the virtualisation stuff and limited what the OS sees. Saying that, Solaris 11 doesn't play nicely with LDOM with this machine, and I had to back out the default version for an older install to make that work from the host OS.

For me, it's just a toy box to run some continuous integration tests on a big endian architecture, so it does the job. I would like to get the rest of the cores up and running though just from a satisfaction sense. Sun stuff is fun - I first used sun 3 workstations when I was at university.