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There is a really good book that explains everything called "Inside The AS/400". I've been meaning to pick up a copy. When you see what IBM moved into silicon you'll wonder why we still use the architecture we do.
Finally. With rpm I had conflicts where X needed Y, so you try and install Y and it says it needs X... So the hell with it, force everything. You should have seen me trying to install ffmpeg. Nothing seems to compile cleanly with gcc either.
Does anyone have a B132l or similar series box? If so would they be kind enough to take a picture of the system board near the front audio jacks? I acquired one that suffered some damage and sheered this one part off. It currently does not power up and this may be the cause. Thanks.
That is exactly what I was looking for! Many thanks. I wasn't sure if the missing part was a resistor or a capacitor.
johnnym wrote: Still important - but no change to Shiunbird's howto video - when creating an initrd use the targeted approach instead of generic , as yaboot seems to have a file size limit for the intrd it loads or it does not reserve enough memory for both kernel and initrd:

Should have mentioned that yaboot gave me problems too. Grub2 works much much better.
miod wrote: Just checked, this is an optical sensor. Simply placing a screwdriver blade in the slit will let the machine power on with the cover removed. Remove the screwdriver, and it will power off immediately. Works with a small sheet of dark paper too.

That was it :D It powers up just fine. I might just disable this "feature". Again, thank you.
Those old Toshiba XM series drives can read CDR discs but not CDRW. The NetBSD diskless HOWTO explains the netboot process ... o.sun.html
My octane had a similar problem when copying the miniroot over to the swap. It would always fail. I did a format of the hard drive and then it worked fine.