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Hi guys :)

I have connected my Octane2 to my router, DHCP enabled, and i can find the Octane from my PC`s (windows 7), it even has its own html info-page when i access it from my pcs.

However, i cant seem to connect the other way around, even though the Octane connects to the internet just fine.
When i try to mount to the PC using sharity-light , it just tells me "error connecting to the server: [13] Permission denied"

And btw, how do i even ping from irix?? i seem to remember there was a simple ping command ?! :?

btw, files - dns - nis , that correct?

Thanx in advance for any help guys!

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diegel: ping worked, thanx! :)

vishnu: im not really sure actually, pretty standard setup permissions as far as i know, any advice there?

geo: thanx mate, actually i need to be able to share a folder and have continuing access from both sides.

what is the easiest way of setting up this? i used sharity light before and it worked just fine...

I can ping both ways, and i can Telnet my pc from the Octane.
I can even find my pc in the hosts-list in irix...
BUT when i mount in sharity i get this error saying mounting - [13] permission denied.
It does actually sound like its a permission thing in windows 7..right? how would i go about for setting rights in windows folders for an irix user/machine??...
*confuzed*...i hardly know anything about networking so its a wonder ive gotten this far... :P

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i got it working! it was permissions in windows 7 :)

anyhow, for now i am running the mount commands from the shell manually,
anyone know how i would go about adding them to the bootup so i dont have to do anything manually?
should it not just be like adding a few lines in a file somewhere?

Thanx guys! :)

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Hey :)

I am using sharity light for mounting my pc folders on my octane2, in shell i use a command like this:
/shar/shlight // /sgishared /pcshared -f 777 -d 777 -n
And it works great! :)

However, currently i have to login as root to do this manually each time, so, how do i add this to the boot sequence?
Is there a file somewhere that i could just add this text and then it would run automatic next time it boots up?

/etc/fstab does not seem to do it btw!

Any help is greatly appreciated ;)

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you know this? cause these files look like script files..
how do i know where to put this command, and will it need a "run" or "start" command infront of it?
i really have no clue myself...

but i think it should be ALOT easier than this...afterall its one simple command to write in shell...
is there no "autoexec.bat" type of file somewhere that would be able to run this simple command as a root-user at the end of the boot sequence? :?

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