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This is beautiful. It's fantastic! Wonderful find.

I cannot imagine having all this in a flat and hauling all that up 4 flights of steps. Props to you.

Also, I've heard about dropping SI Graphics into an Origin 2000 series, haven't read up anything yet or got around to attempting it myself. I take it it's somewhat plug and play?
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japes wrote:
Kotomo wrote: Now try hauling an Origin 2000 deskside in a Mark 4 Jetta :D

Wait a second, please tell me about this. I had a mk4 Jetta and I brought home a Origin 2000 deskside in the B7 Audi A4 that I replaced the Jetta with.

There was a small tear on the C pillar trim because my helper wasn't patient enough during unloading, but it worked. I don't know if it would have worked in a mk4 Jetta. I had to pull the skins off and pulled the PSU out, then put the module on the folded down rear seat. When I sold the Origin 2000 I delivered it to the new owner in a B7 A4 Avant without any drama.

First, it helps that all the skins have been removed, or were smashed to bits long ago before you get to take home your very own Origin 2000 Deskside. I then proceeded to remove all the node boards, both the router boards, the power supply, and the fan tray. All of that went into the trunk of the car, but if I recall correctly I had to put the fan tray in the front seat. There were also no hard drives installed in the machine to worry about, so now I'm left with the empty shell and the midplane. The shell is now light enough to lift up and throw into the back seat through rear doors.

It juuust about fits through the doors, I might have scraped some trim on the door, but that doesn't bother me as the car was already fairly beat up by the time I bought it. It's a 1999.5 model year, and is just my A-to-B car. So long as the engine and wheels work, that's all that matters. :D

This was just one of the Origins I took home. The second one came on a separate trip.
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praetor242 wrote: First Java...and then...MINECRAFT on an Onyx :D

3. .....
4. Profit.

Sorry, I had to. :lol:
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LarBob wrote:
uunix wrote: No sound.. do you have speakers plugged in?
Does the PSU 'CLICK' when you plug the kettle lead in? (Get your ear close).

If it's been transported by car or post, you may want to reseat everything. Your best bet.

Although yes.. it sounds like PSU gone to the great PSU pile along with a lot of my own. I doubt you will get anything from the serial, but it's worth a shot.

By no sound I meant there was no click from the psu, no fan whir, etc. sorry.
I also don't think the serial would do anything either as I don't hear anything at all from the machine.
Also, I reseated the cpu board and everything but there's no dice. I think the PSU is just borked. (how much am I expecting to pay for a replacement anyway..?)

From my limited experience with Octanes and SGI's in general, I can offer three scenario's I have come across that could help.

I know this is an asinine question, but when you reseated "everything" did that include the memory modules?

I was gifted an Octane main board with a CPU module that supposedly did not work. When I went to try it out in one my systems, I noticed the backplane never seated quite flush and I felt the locking mechanisms were not moving correctly. I found the screws holding the locking mechanisms to be quite loose. Tightening things up got it to seat better and work, no prob.

The PROM password reset jumper, if set in the position to reset the password, will leave the screen blank for roughly 10 minutes before displaying anything when you first power it on. The same board I got for free also had a PROM password set on it, so I got to experience reseting it first hand.

I like learning through observing other people, so this guy's video points out right where the jumper is on the main board:

If any of these do the trick, the lightbar on the front should turn red shortly after powering on and stay red until it's done performing the hardware tests.

I have certainly come across the failed power supply problem with just the relay 'click' and nothing else with two of my Octanes. I also tore apart the PSU, but don't see any smoking gun in the components. This is definitely a common failure of the Lucent PSU's.
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