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When I record video from the side panels with mediarecorder on my SGI o2, only a tiny portion is encoded when done recording and I get this error:

"Cannot map buffer for image conversion.

I'm using SGI JPEG, 30fps, full NTSC.

I'm using it on a 175mhz r10k with 128mb RAM and IRIX 6.5.30 btw, and it encodes fine for a sec or 2.
diegel wrote:
That's what I wrote in your other thread. If I remember correctly, I have seen the the same error when I tried this with Irix 6.5.30. It works for me with Irix 6.5.22, but I also have 1GB RAM installed.

I just downgraded to 6.5.15 and it's still crapping out with the same settings....I'd put more ram in it but all the ram on eBay is so expensive.
So I just cleaninstalled an SGI 320 I got with no disks whatsoever with 2k, however I'm not sure how to capture video. Vidcap32.exe doesn't record sound, what's the best way to record video on it?

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