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Hey everyone! It will be pretty obvious after reading this post that I am new to SGI & Irix.
I am an artist currently looking to purchase SGI Hardware from someone respected and known to have made sales through this forum before. I have been creeping this forum for over two months as well as constantly monitoring eBay trying to find a decent SGI machine.

First of all I am looking for some information. Id someone to give me ideal specs for an Indy/Indigo/Impact that can do the following:
- 3D Modeling/Rendering/Animation/Ect (I've read about Power Animator and how well its been received by individuals who use Irix, although I am more comfortable with Maya, Blender & Autocad)
- Run some kind of video editing software (I've heard that early versions of Premiere run on Irix)
- Run some kind of raster image editor.

I'm also looking for as much information about the following:
- If anyone has had any experience using an Indy/Indigo/Impact to create computer generated imagery around the time that the machines were top of the line hardware.
- What the most optimal specs on an Indy/Indigo/Impact would be for creating short CG animations on said hardware.
- What versions of software should I be looking for in regards to Maya, Lightwave, Autocad, Houdini, Blender, Premiere, Photoshop ect and how likely will it be to have a usable copy of these programs installed on a machine. (If anyone here has these programs and could help out, PM me!)

What I'm looking to purchase.
I live in the US and would prefer to purchase from a verified US seller.
You can PM me with what you have and how much you are looking to sell it for!
- Any running SGI hardware from 92' forward.
- A running SGI Indy/Indigo/Impact or any other comparable SGI product.
- An SGI three-button mouse, keyboard and any other peripherals.
- Software, manuals and guides to using said software that runs on Irix.

Why I'm doing this.
I'm doing this because as of the past 6 months I have been obsessed with SGI hardware and their legacy. I also want to produce a VHS tape and sell it via my website for my fans. A personal goal I wanted to achieve was using an SGI machine to produce some of the animations, and eventually use it as one of my main tools for creativity. I think of old computer hardware in the same way many musicians think of vintage synths or guitars.

Thanks so much in advance! And if you are curious, feel free to check out my works at:
uunix wrote: 8-) You have fans...?

Lol Yes! :lol: In the age of the internet there is an audience for just about anything I suppose!
ivelegacy wrote: btw, have you evaluated the last advanced machines ? Octane/fuel ?
maya is heavy for Impact. Be careful about that.

No I haven't assessed the practicality of running maya on any of the machines. Once again this is all new to me so I'm trying to feel it out. If maya would be hard to run on an Impact then are there any alternatives with better performance?