The collected works of HurricaneJames

I have family in Tampa, visit there a couple times a year. I want to start an SGI collection, but a broken Onyx 10k IR seems like a really big first bite. I know that you cannot speak to this specific machine, but does anybody here know how hard it is to repair Onyx systems in general?
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Haha, guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for the next couple years if to get that snazzy Donator tag.
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I assume we can add things in the replies?

- PS/2 Mice/Keyboards:
3. Dell SK-8100 (not sure of the year, but it has Windows keys)
4. Logitech M-SBF96 (optical wheel mouse)

- Monitors?
?: Teorder VGA to HDMI (B01MSTDUCH) - 1280x1024 @ 60Hz, requires proper 13w3 to VGA adapter, but every HDMI panel I have tried has worked
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Wow, all this good stuff just from trying out a cheap keyboard! Welcome back!
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