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Is it possible to run widescreen on a 1600sw with an Indigo2 Max Impact machine?
Oh great! Thanks for replying to this thread. I reposted the question to the other thread...oh well.

Didn't SGI have a 19 inch LCD that was 4:3 aspect ratio?
I heard that you can order this overlay from SGI? Is this true? Any other ways to obtain it?
Thanks! I don't have a CD burner I need to burn them to install the overlay?
Okay, I downloaded the 3 overlay files and untar'd them to the same temp directory. Now when I try to run Inst, it give me conflicts about dependencies it is not able to find.

Was I not supposed to uncompress all three files to the same location? How do I go about this?
I did install the patch, and need to install it on the one and only SGI machine that I have (an Indigo 2).

So, it sounds like I just need to load a CD of 6.5 with the dependencies? Which CD, install tools?
Which stream do I select? Maintenance or Features?
So, to clarify:

1) I need all 3 files downloaded from SGI (check)
2) I need the patch (check)
3) I need three original 6.5 CDs: Foundation 1 & 2 and Apps at minimum

Run Inst
Open 6.5.22 overlay files
Add as Source the 6.5 Distro CDs: Foundation 1 & 2 and Apps
Type "go"
Select Features or Maintenance?

Is that it? No "keep all" or anything like that?