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Hi Pontus,

having also refurbed the PowerOne in my Crimson (thanks to some vital info from Jan-Jaap!), I also recommend replacing the 250V EMI supression caps on the backplane and the primary module, even if they show no cracks; they're bound to develop some, and you don't want to extract the PSU again anytime soon when one of these turns to charcoal.

I'd also strongly suggest replacing all the 47µF electrolytics (probably Nichicons) strewn about the backplane. These had leaked in my PowerOne and caused it to powercycle erratically, i.e., oscillate several times a second! Do yourself a favour and replace these proactively. See attachments.

Check the secondary caps on the output modules while you're at it; on most PSUs these will give you agro, but they were (and still are) fine on my PowerOne. I guess it comes down to effective cooling.

Btw, some bonehead had actually bridged the blown fuse on my 5V module with a wire! I ended up replacing it with a proper fuseholder.

Be very careful when connecting the PSU after installation. Jan-Jaap actually blew the "littlefuse" on his primary board after connecting the terminals labelled 1 and 2 in error. :(

Good luck and a happy new year,

Hi folks and a happy new year,

I have to downsize my collection and offer the following goodies for local pickup in Bonn, Germany, before I resort to scrapping:

DEC VAXStation 3200
    32Mb RAM (?)
    KA-650 CPU @11MHz
    TK50 tape drive
    160Mb HDD (RD54); disk is blank and needs proprietary format!
    Have two LK201 keyboards, but no other periphs.

DECserver 100
    8 serial ports. Powers up, otherwise untested.

WYSE 370 colour terminal
    No video; for parts. Great terminal when it worked... :(

EPSON DFX-5000 monster impact printer
    Absolute beast. Has new ribbon. Rear paper feed missing a clamp, otherwise working.

HP ScanJet 4p in original 4c box
    This is the ScanJet that featured in the original "ScanJet Music" video on YouTube playing Beethoven's "Für Elise" when I first tested the software back in 2005; I didn't want to risk wrecking my 4c. ;)

HP LaserJet III
    Postscript cartridge
    Powers up but needs new toner. Heavy sonofabitch, indestructible like a tank (looks the part too).

HP LaserJet 4M Plus
    20Mb(?) RAM
    Working, but no toner

HP 9000/710
    PA-RISC 7000 CPU @50MHz
    16Mb RAM
    Color video option (woohoo!)
    No HDD

HP 9000/720 (formerly a 730)
    PA-RISC 7000 CPU @50MHz
    128Mb RAM
    2Gb HDD (Seagate ST32430) with HP-UX 10.20 installed
    Dead PSU, needs recap. Have original dead 730 CPU board (66MHz) + extra RAM for spares

HP 9000/715/80
    PA-RISC 7100LC CPU @80MHz
    256Mb RAM
    1Gb HDD with HP-UX 10.20 installed
    HW mod: proprietary keyboard/mouse connector replaced with PS/2 cable

HP spares:
    HIL keyboards & mice

SUN 3/80:
    16Mb RAM
    Floppy, no HDD

SPARCstation 1+:
    16Mb RAM
    Floppy, no HDD

SPARCstation 2:
    32Mb RAM
    Floppy, 424Mb HDD (Seagate ST1480N)

SPARCstation 4:
    96Mb RAM
    Floppy, 540Mb HDD (Seagate ST5660NC)

SPARCstation 10:
    ?? RAM
    Floppy, 424Mb HDD (Seagate ST1480N)
    POST reports ECC multiple UE test error!

SPARCstation 20:
    2x TMS390Z50 CPU
    128Mb RAM
    CDR, 2Gb HDD (IBM DCAS-32160)

SUN Ultra 1:
    UltraSPARC 167MHz
    256Mb RAM
    Floppy, 2Gb HDD (Seagate ST32171)

    24Mb RAM
    Floppy, 1Gb HDD (DEC DSP3105)

SPARCserver 330:
    48Mb RAM
    150Mb QIC tape drive, no HDD (original died)
    Imposing deskside monster. POST reports SIMM in error on 3U and 9U expansion memory boards!

SUN spares:
    NVRAM modules, SIMMs, CDR & floppy + cables,
    Sun GX 8-bit(?) and TurboGX(?) frame buffer cards,
    2x TMS390Z50 CPUs, 2x TMS390 SuperSPARC CPUs,
    2x ST32151WC, 1x ST11200N HDDs inkl. caddies,
    Type 4 & 5 keyboards, mice and pads.

Misc media:
    Boxes of QIC tapes, various SCSI disks, Sony GIGAMO SCSI drive & MO disks

Most of the SUNs need a new NVRAM battery and OS install. Note that I cannot test their video as I no longer have a compatible monitor.

Feel free to PM me with an offer for whatever bits interest you. Prefer bulk local pickup, but will consider parting out and shipping some of the smaller items.

Photos and POST captures available on request!

Thanks for looking,

PS: More stuff to follow; stay tuned...
Happy new year all,

the following are available for pickup from my office near Lucerne, Switzerland:

DEC Alpha 3000/500
    KN15-AA CPU @150MHz
    64Mb RAM
    1Gb HDD (RZ26) with OpenVMS AXP V6.1 installed
    Needs new RTC/NVRAM module. Top cover latches broken off, key missing. Scratches on side panels.

DEC VAX 4000/400
    KA-675 CPU @63MHz
    64Mb RAM (?)
    1Gb HDD (RF72), no OS
    Failed B-cache, panics when booting installation media. Needs new CPU board. :(
    Skins cracked after being tipped head first (!!!) into dumpster before rescue; large chunk missing in corner of top cover; door latch broken, key missing.

Photos and POST captures on request. Feel free to PM me with an offer.

Thanks for looking,

Hi Pentium,

yeah, that's how it started on mine: sporadic resets for no reason, then got progressively worse. In the end I noticed the power LED on the panel flickered; that's when I figured the PSU was getting a dodgy start signal from the panel, but the fault was in the PSU itself, namely the backplane after those caps leaked (though thankfully without serious damage to the PCB).

Apart from preventive maintenance, pulling and dismantling a PSU that can churn out 170A into 5V is quite an educational experience. ;)

Good luck,

Quick update: most of the SUNs are sold or reserved for pickup. Stating this weekend I will not have access to this gear again until Easter, but bump me in the meantime if you're still interested.

Best regards,


P.S. Thanks for the museum tip in Munich, Geoman!
Congrats, Pontus.

Looks like the time invested in recapping did save you some headaches down the road. :)

Btw, still no luck on my end with a replacement CPU for my VAX 4000 (sorry for the OT). :(

Good luck with the expo! I'd love to hear the reactions to a working Crimson. The RE in mine is positively on its way out.

Great to see it got the attention it deserved; too bad the PSU decided to cave just then, infact the very instant the guy touches it! :)
The disk is in the external enclosure, right? Nice combo with the Indigo, btw. Congrats!
@55cancri: PM'd you...
Quick update:

I'm giving up on the VAX and plan on scrapping it this spring. The frustration of going through two dead CPU boards finally made me realise I'm wasting my time on this project. If anyone wants any of the good parts (PSU, RAM boards, RF72, fan drawer), let me know. I can also ship from my German address.

The Alpha is confirmed working and bootable. I've temporarily disabled clustering for testing. The NVRAM has been replaced.
Update: all SUNs have been sold apart from the Ultra. Have a type 5 keyboard and Compact1 mouse to go with it. Please PM me if interested.

Thanks for looking,