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You have a very nice system. Congratulation :)
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I put a newbie question into my presentation topic but gambonyx suggested me to create a separated topic for this.

Recently, I restarted an Indy with R4600 CPU and 256Mb Memory.

Irix 6.5.22 is installed on it.

So, I was searching for a web browser to use on it.

I had a look on Nekoware and found Firefox 1.5. from Mips3 distribution. First question, is this correct R4600 is not a Mips4 CPU?

So, I installed Firefox with all needed dependencies. It start without problem but when I open Google page, the application exit and I see "Bus Error" into the console.

I made a test with the old Netscape and I'm able to search on google but after browsing 2 or 3 pages it exit too with a message like "Closed Netscape to prevent a loop".

So SAQ suggested me to try Seamonkey. I downloaded the Mips3 release and installed it too. For Seamonkey, I do not find the Icon to start it. Is there something I missed?

Many thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

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I gave a try to seamonkey and even if I installed all the required files, there is something apparently missing into my installation:

Code: Select all

INDY 19# /usr/nekoware/bin/seamonkey
969:/usr/nekoware/lib/seamonkey-1.1.8/seamonkey-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames ./../dist/bin/

Do you know what is this? I searched into Nekoware mips3 but didn't found libintl.

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I just had a look into Gettext package:

Mips4 one contain Libintl.4 and Libintl.9
Mips3 one contain only libintl.4. So, Libintl.9 is not on my system.

By the way, I just gave an additional try for Firefox but from Ximg on my PC and it works perfectly without bus error.

Computer technology is a great world :P
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Bingo, the beta version of Gettext for mips3 contain Libintl.9 and now Seamonkey run perfectly on my good old indy :-)

By the way, I gave atry to dillo too, this is very basic but really fast.

Thanks everyones for your help :)
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