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I have ISO files of Irix 6.5.30 overlays, im currently running Irix 6.5.23 on my Octane, I would like to update my system to 6.5.30 and im trying to figure out how i can do this from these isos. I dont have a cdrom so i cant just burn the discs unfortunately.

Is there a way to mount the ISOs or extract the contents so they will be usable for updating to irix 6.5.30?

Im looking for sgixdoom v1.9. I thought doom was installed by default in irix 6.5 but i guess it isnt. I did a fresh irix 6.5.30 install and its nowhere to be found, i cant locate it on any of my installation discs unless im missing it.
Where can i find this?
During a fresh install of Irix 6.5.30 i was asked if i wanted the feature or maintenance stream. I thought that SGI had merged these on irix 6.5.30....

I know the difference between the M and F streams and how it pertained to SGIs customers, how it effected people with service contracts etc.... My question is how does it apply today to these machines that are EOL
in other words, i have no idea if i should choose M or F and which is better for me :)
I saw it mentioned here ... sgixdoom.z

but i haven't seen it anywhere. Thanks for the link to 1.8 though this will work.
Well i tried the 1.8 from the id ftp. It runs however it crashes if i have sndserver present to enable the sound. Im not sure why. I have an octane system, my audio is working fine with other apps.

I don't have the general and platform demo CDs unfortunately so I cant get it from there. I'm probably the only person that is having trouble getting doom working on their sgi lol. Is it against the rules to ask for somebody to upload a version that will work on my octane+irix6.5.30? I assume its not since this is a freeware app anyway and id themselves posts it, however what appears to be an older or non compatible version?
Unfortunately my ancient 2gb drive in my Indy died. I want to replace it, but the prices for 50 pin scsi drives right now on ebay are crazy.
However, 80pin ultra320 drives are dirt cheap. Will a Ultra320 80pin drive work on the indy with an 80 pin to 50 pin adapter or is this drive too new for the scsi bus in the old indy?
If not the 80pin ultra320 what about the ultra160 or perhaps 68pin drives. Im looking for any alternative to having to pay what people are asking for 50 pin drives right now.
From what i read the drives should be backwards compatible but it isn't always the case...
I bought a couple octane systems, all of the ones I played with so far would power on, pass diagnostic and show the prom screen with the various system options with no scsi drives attached internally or externally.
One of them however, will not pass the power on diagnostic. I gives me an error that says "Internal SCSI device/cable diagnostic failed - External SCSI device/cable diagnostic failed Check or replace "Disc, Floppy, CDROM or SCSI cable."
This is when i have no SCSI devices plugged in at all. If i connect a hard drive in the internal pay, or plug in an external CDROM, it passes the diagnostic and sends me to the prom screen just fine. hinv shows the scsi device as it should, and im able to do a ls on the device and see its contents. Is there actually a problem with the scsi on this system? I havent tried installing an operating system yet as i dont have a spare hd to put in it yet, but from what i can see via the prom it looks like its working when a drive is connected. Is there some prom setting causing this error? Also I should note, this system when i got it had the PCI card cage installed with 2 SCSI controllers installed. I removed this, so they are no longer in the system, however i get the same error with or with out the card cage/cards installed so Im not sure if this has something to do with this or not.