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Picture taken in my living room before this origin 2000 was moved to my studio. It is now converted to a 16 processor machine and is used for 3D rendering.

Greetings Ben Liebrand
I started in 1990 with a Mac Quadra 950, Soon to be followed by my first SGI machine in 1991.
It was a Indigo 2 extreme 100 MHz with 32 MB memory running Electro-GiG. My first jobs on it where artwork for the "The Soul Detective" CD
and later, a whole series of Thunderdome Commercials.
I soon became a demonstrator for GiG and a reseller for Silicon Graphics, which I kind of officially still am. I haven't sold a new machine since SGI had it's "windows escapade", at which point I felt they temporarely lost it.
That first Indigo 2 cost a whopping 47000 euros and had a 2 speed CD-rom drive costing an additional 600 euros.

As Hardware goes, here's the line-up:
Indigo 2 extreme (used as spam assasin server till last year)
Indigo 2 (no longer in use)
O2 185 MHz (used by the kids)
O2 195 MHz (used by the kids)
Octane 2 x 250 MHz (modeling with GiG and Softimage 3D extreme)
Octane 2 x 195 MHz (rendering)
Origin 200 4 x 195 MHz (server + rendering)
Origin 2000 8 x 195 MHz + 8 x 250 MHz (rendering)
Origin 200 Disk Vaults 16 of them each holding 6 x 4 GB drives (no longer in use)

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Greetings Ben
As for Friday Nights on Veronica.
They have now moved to the Saturdays:

Greetings Ben