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Hi Guys,
I'm new to this forum but as this topic is "fairly" recent, I thought I'ld respond.

I presume I am the only person still using ElectroGig for production.
I have it running under Linux on a Mac Pro giving me 4 processors to render.
Each processor in this older 2.6GHz Mac Pro renders about 1.4 times as fast as an SGI Origin 2000 16Processor rack.

The Linux version unfortunately does not have all options enabled like eps and obj import and such.
For that I use an SGI O2 with a fully licensed copy of ElectroGig to import stuff, convert image maps and save it to a model.
That model is then copied to the MacPro for further editing and modeling.

With enough render power ElectroGig happily renders in full 1080p with softshadows at the highest render settings.

Any questions about ElectroGig, let me know.
[email protected]

See for more examples of ElectroGig generated images.

[ Play Quicktime file ] IMG_1928.M4V [ 51.17 MiB | Viewed 420 times ]

I'll see if I can post some making-of video as showing how ElectroGig works. I'll have to dig em up first! :)

The uploaded video does not seem to work.
So here is a link of the intro video of the Grandmix 2015.

For all that want a closer look at Electrogig, Here is a making of video. Shot with a GoPro as time-lapse and thus also shows the keyboard.

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