The collected works of AltRN8

I'm a big fan of cathode. But nothing beats the real thing. For that I break out my HD Concept APL terminal and go to town. Who needs simulated flicker. :D
I've heard that NextStep on PA-RISC is much faster than on comparable hardware of the time. I've run NextStep on everything but PA-RISC would really love to hear from folks with firsthand experience what it was like.

Anyone who like me has run it on multiple platforms and can really speak to the comparison would be much appreciated.

I once ran a lab of 70x Hp 712s that I could have had my pick of when we decommissioned it. At the time I had no idea they were NextStep compatible so I didn't take one. *self kick* Though I did take a scsi drive out of one to use with my Indy. I'm thinking of picking one up again.

It would be nice to finally use that last of the binaries in those quad-fats I've built over the years.
What OS are you running on the Quad G5?