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This is my first post on Nekochan but I lurked here for a long time.

I am in need of old software for Irix 3.3.1, especially an internt browser and irc client.
I tried to install Mosaic 1.2 but it requires Irix 4.0.5 .

Someone can help me?

Sorry for my bad English.


P.S. : I am also looking for Irix 3.3.1 's installation media.

*x is better :-)
Gerhard.Lenerz wrote: Uhh... trying to compile anything even remotely modern on 3.3 is asking for a *lot* of work. It begins with a C-Compiler that will cause a lot of trouble and ends with a certain lack of more or less important stuff (X for example).


You right :-)

I tried to compile something (old version of epic) and cc crash because epic need some libraries not present in Irix 3.x

The machine is a Personal Iris 4D/25 which is a rock (My old SinNT box sux a lot) ;-)

However your site is great!!!


*x is better :-)