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Another sgi octane - not booting

I just picked up another octane from a nearby city. This is my first SGI machine to be picked up locally. The seller did not seem to know much about it, he actually had it connected to a cracked monitor.

Anyhow, got it home, and fired it up. Seems fully functional. Dual R1200 cpu at 300 MHZ, 256 mb of memory, and 2 9.1 gb hard drives in caddys. The machine does not boot to irix. It displays the following message then reboots.

IM not sure what to make of that. Id like to try and get it to boot, as a last resort i can pop it into one of my other machines and see whats on there. There is a sticker on both the back and under the front cover, seems to list some kind of software installed, any idea what that could be?

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reset the prom or fix the boot disk path manually