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Wacom driver 4.8.0 problems

I've downloaded the Wacom drivers from Nekochan FTP and installed them on my Fuel (running IRIX 6.5.30) as instructed in the README file, but there's a problem ...

It appears the installation was incomplete, there are files missing -- most notably, autoconfig complains it can't find /var/sysgen/master.d/wacomio and /var/sysgen/master.d/wacomxl. Also, the /usr/wacom directory is full of empty subdirectories :(

Here's a screenshot of how the installed package looks in swmgr:
swmgr-wacom.png (7.7 KiB) Viewed 343 times

This looks weird to me :?

I've re-downloaded the archive at least 3 times now, from 2 different sources (Nekochan FTP and Ian's Depot), but the effect is still the same.

Could the archive be damaged somehow?
If that is the case, could someone please post a working version here?
I download a copy of 4.8.0 from the ftp and expanded it. That much looks ok, but I can't go any farther at the moment - the install requires that a tablet be connected <during installation>, and mine is currently on loan.

A visual comparison of the expanded driver file probably won't be too helpful, but just in case here's shot of the expanded 4.8.0 tarball:
Welcome to ARMLand - 0/0x0d00
running...(sherwood-root 0607201829)
* InfiniteReality/Reality Software, IRIX 6.5 Release *
I get the same contents. Notice how the dist/WacomTablet.DeviceDriver file is only about 5MB in size, whereas swmgr reports that the "Driver Modules" package uses 13.5MB.
It's possible that it compresses really well, but that doesn't explain why the /usr/wacom directory is only 68kB (empty subfolders and install/uninstall scripts) instead of 13MB+ :?

Meanwhile, I will look through my backups to see if I have any drivers there.
The archive is OK, I've found what the problem is :D

Wacom's install scripts use the 'install' binary, but they forgot to use its full path (/etc/install), so the system picks up the GNU 'install' from Nekoware and it doesn't work due to some differences in arguments.
They don't check if the software was actually installed and the cleanup script cleans the /usr/wacom directory (which explains why it's empty apart from the uninstall scripts).

I will now manually fix the scripts and it should work :)
Shade of Blue:
I've just tried to install and it seems I have the same issue. You reckon you can give me the copy of your modified script? Thanks
The installation scripts delete themselves after they finish :?

An easier way would be to temporarily change the PATH environment variable so that "/sbin:/etc" comes before "/usr/nekoware/bin", e.g.:

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# setenv PATH "/usr/sbin:/usr/bsd:/sbin:/usr/bin:/etc:/usr/etc:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/nekoware/bin"

This should also work :)
eMGee wrote: I wonder if it's an IRIX 6.5.30 specific issue, because under .26 and .28 I never had the problem.

It's an issue with the order of directories in the PATH variable -- if /usr/nekoware/bin comes before /sbin or /etc, then the system will pick up the wrong 'install' binary (the GNU one instead of the one supplied with the system). This happens regardless of which version of IRIX is installed.

The installation process is weird, though. It installs a tar file via swmgr, unpacks it and runs the install scripts, which do the actual installing. Why they didn't do it the proper way (i.e. installing files directly via swmgr) is beyond me :)
It probably made maintenance easier for all the platforms they used to support.

Anyhow, everything works perfectly now :)