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Problem with login window

Hi! I'm new to the forum and I'm glad to discover this site for sgi/irix users.

Anyway, we have a problem with one of our octane2 systems (with discreet smoke). Irix has two login windows/screen; one without icons and with icons. The one without icons usually shows up when we install Irix 6.5 with very few options/resources. Fully configured system shows login screen with icons.

I don't know what happened but one time they restarted the system and the login screen the shows up all the time is the one without icons. However, we can still login to the accounts. I just want to get the original setting where we login using icons.

How can we revert to that window again?

Thanks for your reply in advance!
As superuser, try a

Code: Select all

# chkconfig | grep visuallogin

if visuallogin is set to "off", do a

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# chkconfig visuallogin on
Hi zafunk!

Thanks for your reply! I tried doing what you suggested with the octane2 however it didn't work. I haven't tried it with my own workstation though to see if setting visuallogin to on and off would do.

I've tried changing the settings in the system manager in the autologin section (i forgot the other one) and it didn't change.

Do you think the system got corrupted somehow and it can't revert to its original settings. I suspect that some scripts or initialization files won't run due to this corruption? I also check the clogin.conf and it should do what it supposed to do but i won't.

I hope you can give me more tips.

Thanks again!
zafunk is right that's the way to go. it has to work :D
you could also try to go through the 'improve system security' menu within the system manager. iirc it should appear there as well.
Are you still using the same profile?

I had a problem where a new profile was being used for some reason.

Edit: That should read desktop environment
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If you don't use icons, can you display a single graphic image of your own choosing?
Smoke installs all kinds of customized login icons and .profile, .cshrc, etc.... I don't know if a corrupt icon file or a broken .login would cause this sort of problem :?: . Assuming you're running a legitimate Smoke, I'd get on the horn with Discreet. They should be able to resolve the problem quickly. Since you're paying the big bucks for service, might as well use it ;)
squeen wrote: If you don't use icons, can you display a single graphic image of your own choosing?

If this a general question and not specific to the issue at hand; yes, absolutely. I actually got a Indigo2 in recently that came with a Bart Simpson as a young Darth Vadar/Episode I spoof on the login screen.

The clogin man page states that changing '/usr/Cadmin/images/cloginlogo.rgb' to an image of your choice would do the trick; there are other sample image files in the '/usr/Cadmin/images' directory as well.
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Hi all! Thanks for all your replies; I really appreciate them.

About our problem--yes the chkconfig visuallogin off doesn't work on the problematic octane2 here at the office. I tested the same setting in my old O2 at home and it worked. I suspect that there are corrupted files in the octane2's system that fails to function.

All our discreet boxes (inferno, flame, 2 smokes) are legit. However, only one box has an active maintenance support (smoke on tezro I guess). The rest are subject to major upgrades soon (to linux) so we just let those machines "live to the fullest."

We usually isolate problems wih regards to our machines. If it's a discreet software problem then we contact suport. However, if the problem is Irix, them we have to call sgi (which we rarely do). It's similar to calling Microsoft support is you have XP problems but not if you have problems in using a software like Autodesk Maya.

This is really not a serious problem to us since the machine/software still functions well without problems (except this icon thing). It's a good exercise to ask knowledgeable people like you here at nekochan before I went in an did some tweaking 'coz I myself is just an end (inflerno/smoke) user (almost like our new systems administrator). I was actually asked about this personally since I have some (limited) knowledge about the Irix system.

Anyway, the next thing for our sysad is to consult this problem with discreet systems engineer who provides support for us may it be Irix or discreet softwares. For know, the smoke system is in an autologin setting so if the machines starts, it automatical logs-in to the proper version.

One the side topic about login icons, yes you could actually use 100x100 rgb images to be used as your login icon. I haven't done this yet though.
Sorry I can't be of more help on this one. My knowledge of Discreet systems is very limited. I do know that their installer does override many of the default settings in IRIX. But 'visuallogin' is usually set to 'on' by default.
discreets turn 'visuallogin' and 'desktop' off.
anyhow 'desktop' doesn't affect the login screen.

can also be a messed up config file but it's hard to say from outside.
Having asked myself this question for the 3rd time. I decided to update the Wiki page .