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Are the weak SGI's worth saving?

There's a 133Mhz PC (primary cache) Indy locally for $25. I've got a full house of much faster SGI machines but I hate to see the system scrapped. As collectors and curators, should these machines be saved?
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If you pick it up, one of us will buy it.
Entire collection up for sale :(
strong_epoxy wrote: should these machines be saved?

quick and simple: yes :D
Definitely :)
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I'd say "Yes". Always better to get hold of something like this, then maybe sell it to someone who may want to use it than let it be scrapped. I've got two old Indys in the cupboard which haven't been powered up in years. However, I'd never scrap them. If ever I decided I really didn't want to keep them, I'd either sell them or give them away first.
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It's clearly yes for me. In any case it's a bargain, especially if the power supply is ok. It will be harder and harder to find even basic a basic working sgi system in the futur, so...

It can be a spare machine (maybe you find a broken one in the futur for 10 bucks so you can add more ram, hard drive, upgradfe to 24bit, found a gio card etc..), and it will be interesting to play with it with Irix 5.3 for example. Of course, if it's a 8bit with 32mb and 540mb hard drive, il will not be a speedrunner, but it"s a lot of fun :D . Last point, indy is very compact, so you can easily hide behind something....
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