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Wanted : SGi Octane Backpane

After recently buying an SGI octane off ebay in as is condition, determined it had a bad backpane with bent and broken pins.

Looking for a replacement backpane for a SGI Octane.
I have one that is "partially broken" (messed up XBOW - at random times it freezes, it seems to be associated with high load/IO but there's no proof),
if you want a donor for parts it's free.

Thing is, I'm in Tokyo, not sure how much would that run to ship.

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For Sale: 2*O200 M/B, 2*O200 PSU, 6*256MB O200 RAM, 2*O200 SCSI Backplane, 2*O200 MSC, DMediaPro DM-2 ( 030-1653-002 Rev. H , XT-DIGVID) with Octane XIO pull (Origin pull optionally available)
i have 3.
1 with no ibutton,

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