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Looking for some SGI equipment in Colorado

I am in the Denver area in Colorado and am in search of some SGI equipment. I am after pretty much the following:

SGI Octane
SGI Keyboards and Mice

Thank you,

If you're interested in a Fuel V12, I've got one available and am willing to ship. It's a little loud, but has been a great workstation for several years now. IRIX 6.5.30f and many software goodies included for $450!
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Hi; I'm in Boulder and I have an Indy R4600SC I'd be willing to give you if you come up and get it. It's sat idle in storage for a year or two now as I've moved on to other hobbies (and bigger and better SGIs) - PM me to let me know if you want it and I can go fetch it and we can set something up.
Thank you all. I have sourced a Fuel locally.