Hardware Wanted

My want list

I am looking for:

SGI Indy (any specs)
SGI Indigo (r3k or r4k)
Amiga (prefer a pizzabox/desktop, but interested in any)
Sun sparcstation 4, 5 or 20
Lacie Etherdisk/NAS (drives are not required)

Wifi bridge (any type)

I am in the NYC area. I am willing to travel a little bit. I will pay cash or paypal(optionally, I may trade, so let me know if you are looking for anything specifically).

Please PM me if you have anything that I listed.
kyle123 wrote:
Cisco 3524 or 3548 switch
Would a Cisco 3550 24-port switch interest you?

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I have an Indigo² R4000 (with either [GR3-] Elan or [GU1-] Extreme graphics) for you, but I'm not sure what shipping might amount to.

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I've got a Netgear 802.11b bridge, could probably give up an Indy and I have a number of Indigo's in various stages of completeness. I have a SS5, but I think I'll hold onto that, this particular one is the first Unix machine I sat at the console of.

What's your interest in the Lacie EtherDisk? I have one of these too.

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I was able to get two mac minis and two cisco 3548s. Still looking for the rest(though most of my requests should be taken care of in the next week). Thanks!
Ive got everything on my list. Thank you all!
Not only is this forum a great resource for SGI, Sun, HP, IBM and such (vintage) high-end systems, but it's also great for shopping! ;)

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