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Dual R10K 225 or single R12K/300?

I have an opportunity to buy a dual R10K/225 with 1MB of cache for around 20EURs. I think that's cheap.

make -j2 would be faster, I suppose, and mplayer might be faster now that colourspace conversion is on a different CPU, but it's not like I use both often. Plus I'm worried about exactly how much single thread performance loss I would incur.

I'm leaning towards overclocking my 300MHz, but I'm not sure how to do it. Is the multiplier changeable or do I have to desolder the oscillator?
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Like somebody at AMD said about a decade ago: Benchmarking is like sex. Everybody brags about it, everybody loves doing it and nobody can agree on performance.
A couple years back, I 'upgraded' my Octane2 from 1x400MHz to 2x300MHz. I ended up regretting it, based on how I use the machine. Faster compiles and renders are nice, but I found myself getting annoyed that I spent money to worsen my experience for a lot of what I do. I'd keep the 300MHz, overclock it if possible, and wait until you have the cashola for 2x400 or better.
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If you are doing graphicc or compiling/ programing then go to "slower" dual. Web and else stay with stronger single.
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