IBM Mainframe Emulation on IRIX..

I threw 12 CPUs and gcc version 3.4.6 at the hercules IBM Mainframe emulator with a gmake -j14..

The original source is from:

Took about an hour to hack around in the code and 3 minutes to build on the 12 CPU Origin 300 and about 19 and a half minutes of CPU time...

Code: Select all

real    3m5.439s
user    19m36.003s
sys     1m6.835s

My build is attached to this thread... I don't have time to do a MIPS Pro build..
I did start messing with MIPS Pro on the dual Octane and ran out of time..
I did some minor hacking around with the code to get it to build...

I took all the functionality of SCSI tape drives out in order to get it to build..
Do not hook up tape drives and expect to be able to process mainframe tapes..

These question are answered in the FAQ ( ):
2.04 Where can I obtain OS/360 ?
2.05 Where can I obtain MVS ?
2.06 Where can I obtain VM/370 ?
2.07 Where can I obtain DOS/VS ?
2.08 Where can I obtain Linux/390 ?


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PymbleSoftware wrote: ... hercules IBM Mainframe emulator

That thing looks pretty cool, Pym. Thank you.
Very nice work, Thanks a lot! Regards, Alex
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Thanks! What an amazing piece of software...
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Anyone have a copy of this? Seems to have gone missing?
"The selected attachment does not exist anymore."

If anyone does have a copy.. can they repost with it here?
Funny. A few weeks ago, I was wondering if someone made a Hercules port for IRIX.
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Did you try PM'ing PymbleSoftware? He is still active...

Plus the code is now version 3.07, so maybe a new version is possible
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Compiled hercules 3.07 with GCC 4.7
Not much had to be modified
I did try MIPSPro first.. it started to get hairy.

# Environment
export CC=gcc
export CXX=g++
export CXXFLAGS="-O3 -mabi=n32 -I/usr/nekoware/include -I/usr/include"
export CPPFLAGS="-O3 -mabi=n32 -I/usr/nekoware/include -I/usr/include"
export PATH="/usr/nekoware/bin:$PATH"
export MANPATH="/usr/nekoware/man:$MANPATH"
export CFLAGS="-O3 -mabi=n32 -I/usr/nekoware/include -I/usr/include"
export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/nekoware/lib -L/usr/lib32"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/nekoware/lib:/usr/lib32"
export PATH=/usr/nekoware/gcc-4.7/bin:$PATH

./configure --enable-getoptwrapper

Comment out.. or better yet add a !defined for SGI somehow.. I got lazy and commented out:
//#if !defined(__APPLE__) && !defined(__FreeBSD__) && !defined(__SOLARIS__)
// struct rtentry rtentry;

#include "db.h"
to top of:

then it compiles with no errors.
I only tested it by running it, then stopping it. I have no clue (yet) if it functions right. Just got happy and decided to post it first.. who needs testing right? ;)
Oh.. it installs in /usr/local. the tarball is a tar of usr (I ran gmake install DESTDIR=/tmp/somewhere to package it up in a tarball)
curses based 3270 term emulator compiled with GCC for mips4..
(291.13 KiB) Downloaded 14 times
Nice! Now I can run Hercules on the O2K and have the emulator running from the O2.
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