opensolaris 2010.05

It's coming... ... w-2010-05/

Sitting in a room.....thinkin' shit up. :evil:

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It has a sweet feature list. I will definitely be giving it a shot my self! (I have the dev build in a vm but it runs like a dog).

zahal wrote:

That page is deleted. Uhmm. A new delay maybe?

I'm a Solaris fan but with these delays of Opensolaris and Solaris 11...

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There's been a lot of talk, chat, flame and troll on the opensolaris lists, despite Oracle having said quite clearly that the release will occur in the first half CY 2010. Most "internal" sources claim that's about the middle of June. Note, this is for the 2010.0x / 2010.1h release. Dev builds are on hold to outside developers and users at b134. They will become available again after the public release of the 2010.0x / 2010.1h release. Again, most "internal" sources claim that the dev builds will resume at b138 or above.

Bit of a bummer, because I've been waiting months to get a fix that is in b135 and well, I'm stuck waiting.

Deduplication sounds awesome. Can't wait...
You can try dedup now. No need to wait. Install 2009.06 and update to the dev release. ... w-2010-05/ is working for me right now.

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