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Extron RGB 112 / RGB 112xi

Came home to a nice surprise tonight:
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Why did I get them.. no idea, they looked cool, and they so are...

The RGB 112 PLUS 33-133-01 seems rather good at displaying output from my Indy on a monitor that is not SOG compatible.
Whereas (I think the more expensive) RGB 112xi 13w3 with ADSP cannot.

Anyone used these?
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Quite some time ago I found two Extron RGB 202Rxi(s) in a box of stuff that came with an Onyx2 I picked up as surplus. I've never used them, but according to the info silkscreened on to the bottom, they will translate SoG to separate H&V sync and composite sync, and also does audio. Probably used to connect the video and audio from two computers to a projector, tho I don't see why it would also work if connected to an (analog) monitor.

The description printed on the bottom says "The RGB 202Rxi is an analog computer-video interface with 300 MHz (-3dB) video bandwidth and Advanced Digital Sync Processing (ADSP). It accepts two computer-video and unbalanced stereo audio inputs. It features one RGBHV/RGBS/RGsB output and one balanced line level, stereo audio output."

They look interesting, but I never had the opportunity to put them to use or test how well they work.
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Extron makes video switchers and distribution amplifiers. The 112 is a buffered display mirror: it lets you send the same video signal along two different cables to two displays. It can also convert sync signals and shift the signals' timing.

I have a couple of them but they are buried pretty far back in storage.

the manuals are here: ... 12plus.pdf
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