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Watch DVD movies in SGI Fuel

Hi guys!! Does anyone knows about a nice software to watch DVD movies in a SGI Fuel?

thanks in advance, guys!!

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For DVDs without CSS encryption mplayer should do the job just fine...
Even the most basic Fuel should have enough power do play DVDs
without any hickups.
AFAIK there is no way for DVDs with CSS at the moment...

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Ugly, but you could as well use another box (which would deal with CSS), have it stream the movie to your fuel and it would still count :)

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For a different reason I read the mplayer release notes today. There is a part for DVD playback. If you follow the instructions you can play encrypted DVDs on your Fuel. I tested it with my Fuel and it works perfectly using the command: mplayer -fs -dvd-device /dev/dsk/dks1d6vol dvd://1

From the release notes:

DVD playback:

You'll need read access to the entry in /dev/dsk for your DVD drive (such as /dev/dsk/dks1d6vol)
and read-write (for encrypted DVDs only) to the corresponding entry in /dev/scsi (such as /dev/dsk/sc1d6l0).
You should specify the first as your -dvd-device or in the gui preferences, and the second should
be set in the environment variable DVDGENDEV. If DVDGENDEV isn't set, it defaults to /dev/scsi/sc1d6l0.
If /dev/scsi/sc1d6l0 is a system disk, etc., it'd be good to remove write access to it.

Have fun.

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