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DM2 white VBOB cable

Is this necessary? I have two back cables but don't want to fry this HW.

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The so far unsubstantiated rumor is that the color difference was only cosmetic - to prevent unintentional cable-crossover during installation. Believe at least a few have tried two black cables, so maybe they'll speak up to substantiate the rumor.

In the mean time you could do a great service to the world of SGI collectors by metering the pin out of one of your black cables: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16724990

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I tried two black cables and it appeared to work, although I did not test very deeply. I could 'see' the VBOB from my Octane. Consider yourself lucky that you even have the cables! ;)

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My Octane2 has a VBOB connected with two black LVDS cables. The VBOB is recognized by a well known application and flashing a new firmware worked without a problem.

I did not had any chance to use HD-SDI, so I can't say for sure that the whole data path works with two black cables as it is intended to do … but at least your're unlikely to fry your VBOB or DM2/3 by using two black cables. :D

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