SGI: Video

XVID encoder

Hi. I have some project to deliver in .avi container encoded with xvid:

Codec: xvid,
Bitrate: 11000 Kb/s,
Frame size: 720x576 px (pal),
Fps: 25

Could anyone tell me if I can encode movie that is readable on my ONYX2 into that format with some neko-tools?

:Onyx2: :Octane2: :Indigo2IMP:

Hm, I am trying to figure out what kind of hocus pocus command should I type into terminal... to get the damn thing done, maybe someone more fluent in this magic would help me a bit... ha?

:Onyx2: :Octane2: :Indigo2IMP:
I don't know if this helps. ... oding.html

:Indy: R4600PC 133 MHz

Emachines PC 3.0GHz Dual Core (Intel)
Custom Built Ubuntu PC 1.207GHz (AMD)
Mac G4 1.25GHz