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Can an O2 play HD video?

A friend is looking for a computer to borrow for an art installation, with the sole purpose of just playing back a video loop projection at 1920x1080. I have these O2's, thought I'd see if they're capable of playing back video at that resolution.

I was thinking about lending her my Onyx rack, as the diametric opposite of the Mac Mini she was looking for originally ... :)
I think "Nope!" is the easy answer to this question :-)

I don't think the O2 can even output 1920x1080 as a screen resolution either!
Plus to play 1080p you would either have to decode a compressed video format which the O2 is not grunty enough to do or play back uncompressed .. which it can't do either.

I only a dual-CPU R16K O2 had been made :-)


Even my quad-1Ghz r16k system can't play back H.264 1080p (the most common format for it), because the decoder isn't properly optimized. It'll do uncompressed, but there's no way the external I/O on an O2 is fast enough for that, much less the graphics/bus/CPU layer.

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I don't think the o2 can display anything much above 1600x1024... maybe 1600x1200 with a strong tail wind, heading downhill ;)

If the loop is short enough, it could very well be possible, but you will have to drop the resolution regardless.

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O2 HD - no way how you can do it

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