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Latest GTK+ 2 tardist

Check them out here .

WARNING: These are my first tardists so be a little careful and please notify me of any mistakes. They are not fully conformant to the nekochan way yet, I didn't have the time to fix little details like the release notes.

I created these tardists to be able to compile firefox 3. After lots of bugfixing and weeks of compilation finally firefox 3rc1 compiled successfully, but unfortunately crashes immediately on startup. The bug is really obscure this time, and I don't know if I'll be able to move forward:

1163727:dist/bin/firefox-bin: rld: Error: unresolvable symbol in dist/bin/ _ZN14nsXPTCStubBase7Stub191Ev

But anyway the GTK+2 tardists look very nice and the gtk-demo app runs nice, so enjoy!
You have work for weeks but havent 5min to create a propper txt file?


Image Image
Have you tried Firefox 3rc2?
Did you compile with MIPSpro, or GCC?
I'm having trouble with _MD_convert_stat64_tofileinfo64, _MD_set_fileinfo64_times, _MD_getfileinfo64, _MD_getopenfileinfo64
troublemaker is: nsprpub/pr/src/md/unix/unix.c
I'm using GCC 4.3.0 on Irix 6.5.22 IP32 (O2).

Sitting in a room.....thinkin' shit up. :evil:

:O2: 400MHz R12k - Apple G4 Cube dual 500MHz/GF6200 - Newton Messagepad 2100 - Apple PowerBook 2400c/[email protected] - DECstation5000/133 - Apple Workgroup Server 9150/120 - Apple Macintosh IIfx - Apple Macintosh Color Classic (Mystic upgrade) - Sun Cobalt Cube 3 - Tadpole RDI UltraBook IIi - Digital HiNote Ultra II - HP 200LX
I have tried rc1, compiled with latest nekoware gcc (3.4.6). I have surpassed via simple patches all compile-time problems. The problem I have is runtime, and it's related to bug 349002 . It seems that there is no patch for Irix for the new xptcall API, and since it involves programming in Irix assembly (!!!) I can't do many things (and not enough time to even try at the moment...).
What: Icarus Verilog

What is it:
Icarus Verilog is intended to compile ALL of the Verilog HDL as
described in the IEEE-1364 standard. Of course, it's not quite there
yet. It does currently handle a mix of structural and behavioral
constructs. For a view of the current state of Icarus Verilog, see its
home page at <>.

Icarus Verilog is not aimed at being a simulator in the traditional
sense, but a compiler that generates code employed by back-end
tools. These back-end tools currently include a simulator engine
called VVP, an XNF (Xilinx Netlist Format) generator and an EDIF FPGA
netlist generator. In the future, backends are expected for EDIF/LPM,
structural Verilog, VHDL, etc.

I have successfully compiled and run several Verilog designs / testbenches. Now to start building GTKwave.....