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sh: c99: not found

I'm trying to compile MLDonkey and I get this error:

squirrel 77# gmake
/usr/nekoware/bin/ocamlc.opt -linkall -o ocamlpp.byte -custom unix.cma str.cma -ccopt " " -cclib "-lz " -cclib "-lpthread" -I build tools/ocamlpp.cmo
sh: c99: not found
Error while building custom runtime system
gmake: *** [ocamlpp.byte] Error 2
c99 is part of the mipspro compiler.
foetz wrote: c99 is part of the mipspro compiler.

Specifically MIPSpro 7.4.
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Two possibilities for fixing the bug so you can get around to downloading all of your nice open-source and public domain stuff:

look at ./configure --help, as there might be a variable that needs to be set (like CC, CXX or the like). As another possibility look at the makefile and see what is calling c99

(quick hack that might work) Alias or link gcc to c99.