Anyone here ever own one of the good looking machines?
If so, what did you think of it?
I played on one. If you're not Japanese or don't understand it, its not really worth owning. There's a lot of RPGs, shmups and VNs exclusively for it, but you're dealing with very dialogue driven games.
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I saw a few boxed units in Japan. All a touch out of my budget last I was there but yeah, not a lot of selection unless you find the SCSI adapter and just use it as a CD drive.
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I am getting myself into a new hobby of collecting computer and consoles.
Ugh, I may have to abandon it due to other issues.
Ebay has become my new tv show. :D
If you stick to ebay for everything you'll be bankrupt before you know it. I've been going everywhere but ebay for the last 15 years.
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I only go to eBay if there's a deal to be had, such as when I got Komachi for $130
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Completely anecdotal but having watched sgi hardware on ebay since forever, I'd say that something like 99 out of 100, or maybe even 999 out of 1000 items, are ludicrously overpriced. Occasional gems pop up but they're rare and if you blink you miss 'em. I got my Octane2, complete with every imagineable piece of hollywood special effects software installed and running, for a mere 180 USD... :mrgreen:
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World domination! Or something...

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I was one time tempted by a complete pcfxga setup with a Win95 Jap PC (not the pc98 version).....
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I see some good deals on ebay but this can be like being addicted to a drug.
Some times I feel like it is a waste of time so If I do collect items I am going to try to let it happen naturally.
I look at every thing from rack cabinets to new case work. I seem to want to buy it just to see what it is like to have it.
I have a PC-FX. Honestly I never hooked it up or turned it on when I received it. I'll have to give it a go sometime.
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