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Fan louder in dual head, normal ?


I have a MXE in my octane, I installed on it a second card, an SE board (in slot C, as advised in the SGI dual head manual for SI/MXI).

My fans start to be really louder. I suppose it is due to the heat generated by the dual head configuration. Is it normal ?

Or is it a sign that my Octane need a serious cleaning (in this case, is the vaccum cleaner safe ? I suppose yes).


I done the same 2 weeks ago.. and same louder fan.. my Octane was just cleaned so i'm almost sure it just need more airflow.. and so i just removed the SE cause it was even louder than the O200.
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This is normal, if you populate more than 2 XIO-slots the fan will be switched into the fast mode.

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NEVER use a vaccum cleaner in a computer unless you have one that has a proper grounding strap. Octanes collect a lot of dust, very quickly. This is one of the downsides to a large amount of airflow going through the machine :) So what i would suggest is pulling out your mainboard, your PSU, and your video cards and blow some compressed air to loosen+remove the dust; then be _very_ careful plugging them back in (there are horror storys about people wrecking their backplanes by not paying attention when jamming their modules back in)