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tardist install

very new to irix and octane
i have downloaded a file that is a tardist\from what i understand i have to open this file in my browser ( not hooked to net yet)
the file is in my home directory--
how exactly do i set netscape to open this file:

i have tried thins like just enter the file name
or / the filename

any basic help is appreciated

No, you can unpack it with tar in an empty directory and install it with the sw manager.
You can also directly open the tardist file with the Software Manager GUI. Open Software Manager: Toolchest > System > Software Manager - Near the top left corner of the Software Manager Window, just to the right of "Available Software:" will be a square 'drop pocket'. Drag the icon of your tardist and drop it into that pocket, then click the "Lookup" button.

Once you get the tardist loaded into Software Manager, you can use Software Manager's "Help" menu if you get stuck. Before you even start I'd suggest reading through Chapter 2 (Software) of the IRIX 6.5 Personal System Administration Guide: ... /ch02.html - btw - it wouldn't be a bad idea to bookmark and read through the entire personal system admin guide.

I think I mentioned it before, but the IRIX Desktop User's Guide is also a great reference, and will help IRIX become less of an alien environment. ... rs%20Guide

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