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I have 4 Altix 350 nodes bought off ebay, one is specced with disks and an IO9 card, the others are barebones just containing CPUs and RAM.

I am using the L2 emulator running on a linux box to provide access to the console of the units.

On its own, the unit with the IO9 card works just fine, but once i connect any of the other units using numalink cables (no router, just cables) i get a system serial mismatch...

It seems that the 3 barebones units have the same serial, while the unit with the IO9 has a different system serial and consequently they won't link up.

Is there anything i can do, or will i have to move the cards, risers and disks from that unit to one of the others and operate the altix with just 3 nodes?

On another note, they also have mismatched firmwares which seem to be fairly old. Is it possible to get the updated firmware anywhere, at least to bring the machines all up to the same revision?
Serial clear says:

INFO: command not supported on bricks that enforce security.
Some progress...

Got the firmware updated to 1.62.1 on all bricks..

Stepped through the firmware image in a hex editor and found some undocumented commands, one of which is "let the carnage begin"... executing this command on l1 turned the "security" feature off and reset the system serial to match the other bricks.