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Hey all, been awhile since I have had the chance to visit my IRIX box. I was wondering if there was a procedure or list or outline on how to install all this neat stuff. I would be a happy test user of said documents. I would like to see, and would help validate a procedure for....

1. Installing the Neckoware software. (Which tardists first?)
2. Setting Library and paths up correctly for stuff to run
3. Installing a Neckoware compiling environment.

It sure would be nice to see some sort of giudeline on how to setup a 6.5.x ~ R10K and above machine to compile your own software and run all the kick-butt stuff already compiled and ported, in one nice document. I know that this information is here, but it seems like a bitchkitty to find in several different documents.

I would be happy to run though someone elses work to validate it working, but I havent the skill to do it on my own.

For example, the firefox builds(eventhough not a nekoware release), if one does not know any better (ie: Me)
1. Download
2. Extract into correct place
3 Set Library paths and such
4 enjoy

Right now my experience since I am such a n00b is:
1. Download
2. extract into correct path
3. try to run and get half an xterm full of failed dependencies
4. give up and switch over to the Gentoo box.

For what it's worth, I can test any procedures with the following HW
1 R12K 300 EXMI-EVO Octane 36Gb RO drive
1 2xR12K 300 EXMI Octane 3x36GB
1 R10K 195 Max-impact I2 18Gb
1 R4 200? Teal I2 4.5 Gb
1 R4 ?Mhz Purple Non-impact I2. 4.5GB

All machines run 6.5.22f and I have MipsPro or can get it.

If anyone is interested, let me know. And THANK YOU all for your hard work providing IRIX idiots like me with help and software.

Also, for a lazy man like myself, compiling is difficult because the stuff bombs so often.

As a side note, Can someone compile Pan?

Point 1 seems easy enough. I was doing 'inst name of tardist.tardist'. As a side note if you do it this way it takes a long, long time.

Point 2. "Setting up paths"
I know doing this depends on what shell you are using correct?
Is there a way to set this for all users regardless of the shell used?
Kind of a System path in ms-terms?
Also the libraries, if I install all of the Neko stuff, reside in a different place (/usr/nekoware/libxx). Is it an insanely stupid thing to do to create my own /lib_other dir and copy all the libs from /usr/freeware/libxx and /usr/nekoware/libxx into /lib_other/libxx/?
At this point can I just set a variable in my shell to point to my /lib_other/libxx path?
If this is possible, how does one do it?
Otherwise, can someone re-explain setting up these variables in a bash shell and/or a tcsh?

Point 3.
When you say dev stuff are you refering to the IRIX Dev Cd's?
Also, what is a header file and where do I put such files? (told ya I don't know diddly-poo, except ./configure,make,make install :) )

Last bit...
What is the difference between the gtk1 install and the gtk2 stuff? Besides the pretty colors and all.)

Thanks a bunch,
Your humble IRIX n00b
Thanks for all the information. It's just that this environment is quite a bit different that M$ and even linux to me. Maybe that's why it's so enjoyable to dink around in ;)

thanks again,