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Have a few questions about 6.5.22 and the software on this site. its been a while since i have had my sgi systems out. I got frusterated with all the dependecy crap a while back after being spoiled to OSX so I put them up for a while. then i bought a 1600sw and now ofcourse i want to play again. alot had changed since i last came to this website. these forums are great. Most of the stuff i know about IRIX i had to learn myself or found info in the newsgroups. but i want to revisit the basics and get some ideas on the best way to do a fresh install.

ok hardware is an o2 R10k 175mhz 448mb ram
i have the 6.5 cd set and I installed everything. what the hell....thinking i would have less problems and i had the time to set through the cd changes.

only a few conflicts for japanese stuff no big deal.
installed pretty fast i was surprised, maybe i was just remembering installs on the indy with a 2x cdrom.

then once in 6.5 i then NFS mounted my 6.5.22 overlays and conflicts a gogo. so i just clicked through the do not install this or that and there were some software base stuff in there and toolbox stuff, my cc is gone because it wasnt compatiable etc. so ofcourse when i rebooted none of my desktop stuff was there. it wanted me to open another distribution for the toolbox and stuff, anyone ever had this happen?

anyway i guess thats kinda vauge but here is my real question....
i am going to set up my other o2, its a network install server. if i load the 6.5.22 overlays first to install then have my 6.5 on hand. will this work clean? whats the best way to get to 6.5.22 cleanly without the .22 cds? how are you guys setting up a clean system? and is 6.5.22 any different? does it have any new features as far as interface and gui stuff for maint? is it better to snag some disks off ebay?


PS if this doesnt make sense its because its 2:30am and i have been up for 24 hours straight on my 3 day weekend and have been UNIXed to death
I hate dependencies and spell check