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I recently acquired a 5364 System/36 and have finally gotten it back in working order.

Unfortunely the guy I acquired the machine from did not have any manuals or media.

I have the system IPLing and have a 5160 connected.

I have a SDLC card and a modem installed in the PC which I understand can be shared by the 5364. I need the communications software.

The system is also missing the RPG II development programs and Query. I did not see the DFU library when I catalogued F1.

I am seeking help in finding a copy of the SSP OS and accompaning utilities and development systems.

I would greatly appreciate any help in rescuing this vintage machine.

I do have a few contacts with some old IBM SEs I am going to reach out to about the SSP media as well as the Basic and Assembler. If I have any success I will post in this thread.


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