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I've just got my fuel setup and would now like a sound card. My basic question is, what is so bad with the sound blaster audigy zs? Given i'm only what it to play music and watch video etc, will i notice any difference with the more expensive option?

Many thanks

I know its not an SGI but Anybody interested in the following?

Amiga 1200 for sale

Roms are 3.1 installed + 3.0 roms if you want them.

Installed is a CF card reader HD.

Also includes a 4 Gig Hd + caddy.

It also includes the Blizzard phase 5 1230 accelerator 16mb. It's an 030 at 50mhz with no FPU.

Indivision AGA 1200 MK2 scan doubler ... ts_id=1085


Hxc virtual floppy drive with write support.

The original floppy has been removed due to failure.

The system itself is in almost perfect condition, the case has no yellow its perfect white. This is a very nice example.

Also includes a mouse a power supply and joystick.

I'm looking for around £380 or nearest offer.

Located in Northwest of UK, will post.