The collected works of Graz

The error "The expression must be a pointer to a complete object type." doesn't say that the expression is not a pointer. It says that the expression is not a pointer to a 'complete type'. I haven't looked at the code, but by guess would be that 'Client' is a class or structure that has been forward declared somewhere and never defined. As in:
struct Client;
void foo(Client * client);

This is legal, but when the body of 'foo' is defined, the final structure of 'Client' must be visible to the compiler. I would expect that what's happened here is that some combination of compiler flags, #defines or other shenanigans, that definition has gone AWOL in this particular port. Fixing the error will probably not mean a modification to the quoted code, but to the #includes or #defines in that file (or the Makefile).

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