The collected works of ElChupanibre

For all you SGI supercomputer owners out there here is a MIPS4 binary of latest DOSBox 0.71. It was compiled using GCC since I feared to run into major difficulties when using MIPSpro.

SDL and all needed libraries that are not part of a basic IRIX 6.5 installation are linked-in static. Also note that this build was done on a post-6.5.18 system and thus probably wont run on older IRIX installations (please give me some feedback if it is working).

If you want to compile the software on your own then take care when compiling SDL (I used 1.2.12): the configure script wont include CD-ROM support on IRIX (dummy cdrom support that is). You have to edit SDL_config.h by hand and add it. Another issue is regarding lround() on IRIX. You have to add these lines after the #includes in src/dos/cdrom_image.cpp:
#if defined(_sgi_)
long int lround(double x);

Download it here:

I went to with some abandonwares on it and downloaded Frogger and Green-Saucer to check them with DOSBox. The O2 machine I was running it on has a video board installed and so it is possible to record an area of the screen with little CPU load. The file is then saved as Quicktime (Motion) JPEG-A.