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Does IRIX always come with a C compiler and Motif toolkit development files, or would it be better to use the Nekoware GCC and GTK+?
skywriter wrote: when does a perfectly good adjective like 'low voltage' get replaced by techno-colloquial slang-verb garbage like 'undervolt'?

skywriter wrote: i know what they mean. they're not words knowledgeable engineers I know use.

When Apollo 13 had its mishap, the astronauts described it as an "undervolt"

astronaut: "We've had a MAIN B BUS UNDERVOLT."
Houston: "Roger. MAIN B UNDERVOLT." and a half minutes later...
astronaut: "We got a MAIN BUS A UNDERVOLT now, too, showing."

Apparently the term "undervolt" has been used by NASA since 1970.