The collected works of BoogWar

Hi, I'm a newbie.
I worked on these cards back in '96 when they just came out - The station I was employed at bought a PC version of AVID MCXpress. It was one of the first releases, and needless to say the box was extremely unstable. But the cards delivered a quality that had to be seen to be believed. And up to now I have not been able to use a better interface than taht MCXPress. I was up and running with it within hours, it was so intuitive. I've been able to buy an RTX board and the MCXpress software but cannot find the drivers. That original board ran on NT; I am wondering if anyone really made it work on any other platform? The 3d effects software shipped with this board is called ELASTIC REALITY, for those who wanted to know. Would really appreciate the driver location, if anyone out there has it!