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Greetings all!

I thought this may be a nice place for my first post. I have not had a lot of experience with SUN in the past but I definitely want them to become a big part of my life. I just inherited some workstations from a friend's Dad! I will post a picture of them when I get home from work, along with some SGI stuff to prove my worth here! I will be posting quite a bit as I document my adventures to bring them back to working order, pictures too of course! I am a long time hardware tinkerer, I hope to begin to play with software now.

(2) SparcClassic
SparcStation LX
(2) SparcStation 5
SparcServer 5
SparcStation 4
SparcStation 10
SparcServer 10
(2) SparcStation 2
SparcStation 1+
Ultra 30 with windows PC card!
Sun Branded Trinitron (the one with the blue base that I always wanted!)

Along with a bunch of SCSI goodness: A couple of Caddy CD drives, DDS3 Drive, 2 DLT drives, a couple of flexpack double deckers, 2 911 enclosures (disks too) and one 811 enclosure (disks too).

I hope I am in the right place! I am not afraid to admit I am a SUN noob but I do have some experience with UNIX and IRIX. I want to dive into this stuff deep as I transition careers from Network Support at a small business to a UNIX admin.

Is there a thread for general SGI gear discussion as well?


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