The collected works of Ashman

I've got some Indys with 007 EPROMS and I'd love to flash them up to 011.

From what I can see though, all of the links to the rom dump repositiories are bad though.

Did I just miss the link somewhere or are all of these gone now?

SGI Indy - R4400SC 100Mhz, 160Meg Mem, 4Gig disk, IRIX 5.3
SGI Indigo2 - R4400 150Mhz, 64Meg Mem, No hard drive yet...
SGI Octane - R12000 400Mhz, 768Meg Mem, 9Gig disk, 18Gig disk, 36Gig disk, 3xSI video, IRIX 6.5.21