The collected works of Art

I use Indy R5000 with IRIX 6.5.22 and I bought Wacom PenPartner and Wacom ArtPad II. Both of them are serial. I have also two cables which convert PC serial port (9 pin) to Apple serial port. The first cable is for some MIDI keyboard and I must use a little "gender changer" for the PC-type serial end. The second one is for some photo camera (the cable is marked as Nikon SC-EM2) and doesn't require a gender changer. I tried some possibilities, but the tablets still don't work. The last try was:

I connected the tablet to the convertor cable and the cable to the serial port 2 in the Indy and I switched on the computer. I installed eoe.sw.optinput from the IRIX 6.5 Foundation 1 CD. In Serial Device Manager I set:

Port 1 - Available
Wacom Tablet on Port 2 - Input Device

Then I created the file /usr/lib/X11/input/config/wacom:

x_init {
scalewhich "none"
pushpointer "on"
autostart "on"
device_init {
pressure "on"

I restarted the computer and the tablet didn't work, so I installed all from wacom_sgi_4.8.0.tar.gz and I restarted the computer. The tablet didn't work and when I tried to launch WacomTablet from Control Panels, I got the message "Could not initialize the Driver interface". I looked in /etc and I found two files (before installing the driver 4.8.0 there was nothing named "wacom"):

wacom.prefs - empty

wacom.prefs.bak - contains:

PrefsFileVersion 3
DriverOn1Off0 1
DriverLanguage 0
LeftHandedMouse 0
FunkyButtonMode 0
NoStartWarnings 0
HowManyTablets 1
TabletType 3
TabletModel 44
CommPort /dev/ttyd2
TabletOn1Off0 1
TabletPhysicallyOn 1
HowManyTransducers 0

I don't know, why wacom.prefs was empty and why the driver created the non-empty wacom.prefs.bak, so I tried to copy wacom.prefs.bak to wacom.prefs and I restarted the computer. The tablet don't work, the cursor don't move, nothing. I tried to connect it to a PC with DOS, I ran a Wacom DOS driver and it works. I tried it with Linux and a kernel driver and it works. I would like to work with Photoshop 3.0 on Indy, but I don't know if it is possible with a tablet. Maybe IRIX 6.5.22 is too new for these tablets?

Is there anyone who use Wacom PenPartner or Wacom ArtPad II on Indy R5000 with IRIX 6.5.22?
I have looked at that old thread and my /usr/wacom also contain only uninstall files. I have some Nekoware on my Indy, but when I installed the Wacom driver as root, I had this PATH:

Can it be a problem with IRIX 6.5.22 or Wacom driver 4.8.0 or the tablet types or the cables PC-Apple serial? My tablets are marked as CT-0405-R (PenPartner) and KT-0405-R (ArtPad II) and both of them work on PC in Linux without problems. I also tried the older Wacom driver for IRIX 6.2, but it doesn't help. I don't know if there are also some other versions of the driver available or some patch for IRIX 6.5.22. But according to the mentioned Wiki page, ArtPad II should work also without the Wacom driver, only with eoe.sw.optinput, shouldn't it?