Ubuntu and Power Mac G5 Dual Core 2.3 Ghz


My OS X 10.5.8 is still chugging along just great. The only things I really can't do "from my perspective" are NetFlix (Intel M$ Silverlining) and Web GL (which I don't know why it isn't enabled in OS X 10.5.8 Safari).

So if I dive in to Ubuntu.
1. Can I watch Hulu? Number one criteria.
2. Will flash apps and games work ( GNASH???
3. Will WebGL work in the browser provide? Number 2 Criteria
There is a demo link here to tell you if the browser supports WebGL
4. Will my 7800GT card work properly?

What's your experience with Ubuntu on the G5?

thank you

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The 7800GT might work with WebGL under AuroraFox.

Hulu should work just fine on PPC OS X -- even on 10.4, with Flash installed. I just tried it with 0.9.10, and I'm still able to watch shows.

smit happens.

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I have Hulu running under OS X 10.5.8.
Just curious if it worked with Ubuntu.


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Gnash works for stuff like HomestarRunner and Newgrounds cartoons, but it doesn't handle Flash video players well, in my experience. I struggled for days to get Lightspark to run on Debian on a G5, and that could play YouTube, except it was crashy as hell.

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